Friday, 17 September 2010

A bit about me:

I've noticed I've written 2 entries, but nothing about me, and this is supposed to a personal blog!

I'm very old, divorced, and brought my son up as a lone parent :

I have worked in IT most of my life. Enjoy independent travel, including taking a year career break, when despite being "old" I stayed in hostels.  My favourite destinations are:

  • Spectacular scenery: Golden Circle, Iceland (preferred their ice laden falls to Niagara)

  • Historic monuments: Pyramids, Egypt

  • Club: The Cross.  A little bit "counter culture and grungy" full of weird Heath Robinson type art.  Away from the tourist traps of  Prague, near Holesovice Railway Station.  I went in 2005, the few foreigners who went then, were like me, staying at a near-by hostel.  There are now hundreds of entries for it on Google, hopefully it hasn't lost its character.

  • Culture - Turkey, among the most friendly people I've met, and lots of East/West history, and if you go  you have to visit Istanbul.

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