Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Travel Advice by Country Gadget/Widget

Edit  Non Blogspot sites: Widget for Wordpress via the Wordpress.org plugin directory; HTML, and PHP versions via our trip planning site.

I hope you like my new Travel Information widget. I'd be grateful for any feedback before I "officially publish it". 

It uses up to date quality advice from the UK Foreign Office (FCO).  Although some information, such as visa requirements, are specific to UK nationals; the majority of information would be of use to any visitor to a travel site.

The FCO has provided a data interface to developers, such as ourselves, to trial and add value. As we use their country index (not a diy mash of feeds) the drop-down list in your widget will always be up to date.

The widget is available as a blogger/blogspot gadget, as HTML, or a PHP "include".  The blogger widget is installed on this site ( in 3 places !!! during demo).

You are welcome to try it on your site. Its plain and simple (no fancy graphics) I'm afraid; but it should blend in with your theme. Width, height, button text and colour are all configurable.  I've tested it on various themes but would appreciate the comments of  other blogspot/blogger.com users.

Blogger/Blogspot users can install the Travel Widget like any other gadet (when adding a gadget click on "add your own", and copy and paste the following URL into the box provided:


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  2. I don't want to wait to give it a try on my site. Thanks for sharing such a great useful widget.
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