Sunday, 24 October 2010

Blogger Travel Gadget tweeted by UK Foreign Office

I'm delighted to say our travel advice by country widget has been tweeted by the UK Foreign Office, and that Directgov Innovate are listing it.

Unfortunately, as discussed in this Blogger Developer forum post: currently no new gadgets are being added to the Blogger Gadget directory, so you cannot select it from the Blogger directory.  Our original post explains how to add the gadget to your site.  Some widget developers suggest the following method (no need to cut and paste the gadget URL) which you may, or may not, find easier:
  • Ensure you are logged on to your Blogger/Blogspot website;
  • Click THIS LINK (it opens Blogger's gadget installer with our gadget in "preview" mode)
  • Customise the widget (see 3 examples on this page). Note the default colors should match your site style, so we suggest you don't enter anything in the color boxes at this stage.
  • Click "Save" (this places the new widget in the primary sidebar of your site)
  • Leave the gadget where it is, or drag it to the gadget column and position of your choice.
  • Click Preview to see how the gadget will be displayed on your page.
  • If necessary, fine tune the look of the gadget (click the "edit" or "screwdriver and spanner" button next to it) to alter width, height, colors and justification etc.
If you are using it let us know via the comments here, and like SpecialBaggage.Com we may include your site, as an example, with a dofollow link here and on our main site. If you've tried it out and decided not to use then post some constructive comments, and we may change it.


  1. Hi!!
    Trying "travel advice" widget on my site:
    Very useful.

  2. Hi PF glad you think the widget is useful. Am very impressed with My blogger site looks dull by comparison - so turning this into a proper travel blog has been added to my l o o o ng to do list!!! Busy relocating my main site etc etc but once it is functioning correctly I will add a page listing some of the users of the travel widget, as your site has great content it will be included.


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